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Crystal Light

Why fight for shelf space when you can bypass the middle man and sell directly to consumers? That’s exactly what more and more consumer product brands are realizing as the launch of the new Crystal Light ecommerce site demonstrates. Now, U.S. consumers can find the flavors of the powdered drink mix that they like and in the package sizes they want without leaving their homes by buying directly from Kraft Food Groups.

The strategy makes … Read the rest

Some people like change – but most people don’t. This is the central barrier of persuasion. And overcoming this barrier is the most important task when engaging an audience through a user interface. The secret? Make your product the consumer’s status quo.

Most decisions come with a status-quo alternative. We can change our ideas, attitudes, and behavior – or we can change nothing, choosing to accept things as they are.

A phenomenon called the Status Read the rest

annoying ads

Are your brand’s ad annoying consumers? One out of three consumers will leave a website because they’ve been annoyed by ads on the site. More than one in ten will stop using the product advertised or boycott the company doing the advertising if an ad annoys them, and nearly one in ten will complain to their friends about it. An even higher number, nearly two out of three customers will unsubscribe from future emails from … Read the rest

In a previous post about tone at the top I discussed this subject… The post appeared when the economic crisis of 2008/2009 was about to start. Now tone at the top and innovation governance are more important than ever.

Simply put, ‘tone at the top’ is the sum of the Board’s and the C-Level manager’s values, actions and communications. How these responsibilities are executed will influence the success of the enterprise through the near future … Read the rest

trade show floor

Senior marketers are calling for better measurement of event value to quantify return on investment (ROI). According to a study by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and the Exhibit & Event Marketers Association (E2MA), the call to action for both marketers and event producers is to prove event value using the analytics available in “today’s advanced, data-driven and highly targeted customer engagements.”

The “Customer Attainment from Event Engagement” study comes from a survey of … Read the rest