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data sheet

Big data is the big buzz of 2013, but few companies know how to harness a massive amount of data and effectively leverage it to boost sales and drive revenues. A study by Lattice Engines and CSO Insights reveals that in addition to increasing profits, big data can close the 70% lead generation gap between sales and marketing.

In the CSO Insights Sales Performance Optimization Study, 1,200 CEOs, CSOs, sales executives and sales managers across … Read the rest

Gartner Digital Marketing Study 2013

While 28% of companies have reduced their traditional advertising budgets and reallocated that money to digital marketing efforts, 20% have chosen to integrate traditional and digital marketing budgets and activities instead. 41% of companies are reinvesting the money saved by shifting to less expensive digital marketing activities are reallocating savings back into additional digital marketing efforts.

Those statistics come from the 2013 Digital Marketing Spending Report from Gartner which is based on a survey of … Read the rest

Coke has its iconic contour bottle design, and now, Pepsi has released its own unique bottle design. It can be assumed that the company hopes to achieve similar iconic status with its new bottle.

The new Pepsi bottle design features a swirl shape at the base and a smaller label. You can see the new bottle in the image to the left. This is the first bottle redesign for Pepsi since 1997.

Pepsi is a … Read the rest

klout 100

Klout is known as a tool to quantify a person’s influence online. Whether you like the way Klout measures online influence or not, the tool is useful for brands that want to connect their messages with people who have the eyes and ears of the brand’s target audience.

Until recently, brands could offer influencers products and experiences by awarding them Klout Perks. Now, companies can access analytics about how influencers are engaging with their brands … Read the rest

technoratimedia 2013 digital influence report

The TechnoratiMedia 2013 Digital Influence Report has been released, and according to the results, brands have taken their digital messaging to the social web. However, there is a lot of room for improvement.

Nine out of 10 brands surveyed for the study indicated that they have a presence on Facebook, and nearly 7 out of 10 brands reported that they participate in online influencer marketing. Across the board, digital ad budgets are increasing with mobile … Read the rest