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amazon box

Amazon announced that one million people signed up for it’s $79 annual Prime free shipping membership program during the third week of December 2013. In fact, Amazon Prime membership sales set a new record during that time period, but that’s just a small part of the story.

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that brick-and-mortar retail traffic dropped by 22% during the third week of December—the same time that Amazon broke records in Prime membership signups. Amazon also … Read the rest

visual brand camera

The world is visual. People are visual, and today, the internet is visual. As more websites shift to an image-first design strategy, brands are discovering that they need to be visual, too.

Of course, words are essential, too. Words combined with images have an even more powerful effect than either words or images can have on their own. Words add context to images and vice versa.

Most brand marketers understand the importance of brand communications … Read the rest

hot brand marketing topics

2013 is drawing to a close and one thing is certain—the hottest brand marketing topics of 2013 will still be hot in 2014. If you haven’t already done so, you should prioritize your 2014 marketing plan to include strategies aligned with each of this hot brand marketing topics.

As a recap, here are some must-read articles from the 2013 Corporate Eye Brand Archives about the biggest brand marketing topics of the year.

Mobile Marketing

While … Read the rest

social media influencer

In its 2013 State of Sponsored Social report, IZEA reveals that social sponsorship is on the rise and cutting into display advertising budgets for many brand marketers. This finding comes from a research analysis of over 10,000 brand marketers, social media consultants, and key social influencers’ opinions and experiences with social sponsorships and display advertising.

Overall, 61% of brand marketers invested in social sponsorships in 2013 by compensating social media influencers or publishers in exchange … Read the rest

search engine

The 2013 Google Zeitgeist, which ranks the most popular web searches of the year in a variety of categories, has been released, and there are a number of brand-related lists and charts available to give you an idea of what brands were hot in search during 2013.

Most Searched for Brands of 2013

The five most searched for apparel brands and retailers in the United States in 2013 were Kohl’s, JCPenney, Nordstrom, Forever 21, … Read the rest