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Some people love landing pages and some people do not. Few people have no opinion about landing pages.

Research has shown that well-crafted landing pages can increase conversion rates. Why aren’t more brands using them? Is it just the ongoing perception that consumers don’t like landing pages that’s keeping brands from creating them? And what about the brands that do create landing pages? Are they as good as they can be? Probably not.

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Social media is the ever-more-popular way to market your business and if you haven’t done so already I sincerely recommend jumping on the band wagon as it is a worthwhile move. This is because when used correctly and to its maximum potential it can be one of the most powerful and cost effective marketing strategies at your disposal. That is why I have put together this guide to making the most out of corporate social … Read the rest

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Facebook is still the top social site that consumers use to talk about products and share information about products with their followers. According to research from 8thBridge, 63% of  the study respondents reported that they talked about products on Facebook while 25% talk about products on Twitter and 22% do so on Pinterest. Just 31% claimed that they did not share information about products on social networks.

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As 2012 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on the brand marketing trends that emerged over the past 12 months that will not only carry over into 2013 but become critical components of brand marketing strategy and tactics.

I spent some time going through all of the brand marketing articles I wrote for Corporate Eye during 2012 in search of articles that discussed topics that are here to stay. Looking at those articles … Read the rest

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Over the past several years, brand marketers have navigated through an onslaught of changes that have re-shaped many of their tactics. We’ve lived through “the year of social media,” “the year of content,” “the year of curation,” and more. These changes are here to stay, and at the forefront of everything brand marketers do today is storytelling.

Building a deeper emotional connection between a brand and it’s audience of consumers through storytelling is no longer … Read the rest