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holiday shopping

New research from Kinetic reports that 90% of U.K. internet users will shop online for holiday gifts this year, and 52% will do most of their holiday shopping online. Is your brand ready?

The data from the Kinetic research report shows that while more than half of U.K. internet users will do most of their holiday shopping online this year, just 28% expect to do most of their holiday shopping in high street shops and … Read the rest

Inclusive Growth Green Economy Trimmed

This year DANIDA (the Danish International Development Agency) celebrated its 50th anniversary, making it one of the oldest international development agencies in the world.  To mark this it held a big pow-wow (sorry, conference) during which a paper entitled “The challenge of, and opportunity for, inclusive and sustainable development‘ (PDF) was presented.

The conference came to the conclusion that global institutions such as the United Nations and G20 had become “ineffective” and that … Read the rest

amazon home page kindle fire hd vs ipad mini

The iPad mini from Apple has finally launched, and Amazon was ready for it. A visit to the home page in the United States puts the iPad mini up against the Kindle Fire HD in a head-to-head battle complete with six key feature comparisons that are sure to matter to consumers. You can see a screenshot of the Amazon home page below. The six-point comparison shows the following differences between Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD … Read the rest

Recently British Gas (BG) were round at my house.  We had a problem with the boiler and .. well, after three visits they still didn’t fix it.

In the course of all this we had a new carbon monoxide alarm fitted, which BG helpfully charged £29.95 for.  Somehow we forgot to pay this so a few weeks later a letter from Moon Beever arrived.

This isn’t a strange version of an Andy Williams song but … Read the rest

smartphone patent lawsuits

Trademark and patent protections are vital to brands, but is there a time when too many lawsuits (or threats of lawsuits) over trademark and patent infringements can start to negatively tarnish consumers’ perceptions of a brand and damage the brand? If you look at the history of Apple’s patent suits, the answer is yes.

Matt Assay of The Register shared the graphic below from Verizon (published by Forbes) that depicts the “insane” number of smartphone … Read the rest