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Consumers are using more devices to access more content every day. Where should your brand be? What platform should you focus on? The answers are — everywhere and all of them.

As recent data from Nielsen proves, consumers aren’t single-device dependent anymore. Instead, they’re using multiple devices, and they’re using those devices at the same time.

Nielsen reports that in the last 12 months, smartphone penetration increased by 34%, tablet adoption was up by 400%, … Read the rest

Recently I was invited to participate in a round table discussion over lunch at UKFast, talking about cookies and the ‘cookie law’. Other participants were Steve Kuncewicz from, Garry Byrne from Reading Room and Mark Steven from Civic UK.

We were pretty much in agreement about the implementation issues around the cookie law, but still managed to discuss them for an hour or so—we covered a lot of ground, but in … Read the rest

I invited Lindsay Harper Mac to write a guest post for us today. Her interests include education, technology and social media, so are complementary to our own. Over to you!

Companies are always looking for the most effective way to recruit new employees, but the process of filling vacant positions or increasing the size of a company’s workforce comes with considerable costs.

Among those expenses are advertising job openings, screening candidates and interviewing those who … Read the rest

toyota prius green brand

The 2012 list of the Best Global Green Brands was released by Interbrand this week, and nearly 40% are automotive brands. Considering that automobiles are one of the biggest environmental problems and consumers are demanding fuel-efficient vehicles more than ever, it’s not surprising that 8 of the 21 brands on Interbrand’s list of the Best Global Green Brands are automotive brands.

The automotive brands that made the 2012 list include Toyota (#1), Honda (#3), Volkswagen … Read the rest

rural Cheshire

The county I live in, Cheshire—a large county in the north of the UK—has ambitious plans: aiming for 100% coverage of superfast broadband by 2015.

For some of you, who live in big cities or in other countries, this won’t seem much. Apparently 50% or more of European households already have a connection of over 100 Mbps, and the EU definition of superfast is only 30 Mbps.

But Cheshire is a rural county: 60% is … Read the rest