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marketing data

While there is no question that data mining is an essential part of successful brand and business development, marketers still struggle to make sense of the massive amounts of data available to them. The days of collecting data about customers through traditional market research surveys and focus groups with little other opportunity to access that data are long gone. In fact, there is so much data available online and via the social web today that … Read the rest

google plus

Google+ isn’t even a year old yet and Brand Pages have only been around since November 2011, but already, brands are seeing user engagement on Google+ according to research by comScore. That means many of the companies that encourage consumers to interact with their brands on Google+ through following, commenting, +1ing, and sharing content are already seeing positive results.

Of course, the data collected so far isn’t staggering — Google+ is new for both … Read the rest

collection of doors

Pinterest: huge growth among scrapbooking individuals, a big pile-on from marketers, and then even bigger interest in the Pinterest terms and conditions.

Pinterest changed their terms and conditions in the last few days, and as Knoed Creative say, there’s good news and the same news: Pinterest will not sell your content—apparently this was never the intention—but there is still a potential copyright issue over the content that you post.

There’s a fascinating post from … Read the rest


Wildfire is a leading social media marketing software company that’s well-known for its Facebook tools which make it easy for brands to hold contests and promotions on their Facebook Pages.  Wildfire also offers tools that integrate social media promotions with Twitter, and LinkedIn, and this week, the company announced it now offers its enterprise and consumer brand customers the ability to hold video contests on YouTube, too.

Wildfire’s customers include well-known brands like Mercedes-Benz, … Read the rest

Consumers who purchase Skechers shoes and products are quite vocal about those purchases. As Adweek reports, there are 60,000 product reviews and 32,000 questions and answers published by consumers on the website. In an effort to boost loyalty, build a stronger online community, and increase engagement on the Skechers website, the company launched a new twist to its rewards program that leverages crowdsourcing in a creative way.

Members of the Skechers Elite rewards … Read the rest