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Big news from LinkedIn this week — it just got a lot easier for companies to increase the number of followers on their LinkedIn Company Pages! LinkedIn announced the launch of the LinkedIn Follow Company button on the LinkedIn blog this week, and companies like AT&T, Sony Electronics, and American Express OPEN are lining up to install it on their websites and blogs. With 2 million companies in the LinkedIn network, it’s safe to assume … Read the rest

Most people know the London railway station Fenchurch Street because it was once important enough to be included on a Monopoly board.  Today, and quite bizarrely, it’s the only railway terminus in Central London which isn’t directly connected to The Tube.

Fenchurch, for those who are not Douglas Adams fans, is also the name of the lady who “finally knew how the world could be made a good and happy place” but was sadly blown … Read the rest

Americans born between 1978 and 1994 are now between the ages of 18 and 34. This is a generation of people that grew up with VCRs and may never have seen a black and white television let alone a television with a dial instead of a remote control. Even the oldest members of this generation spent most of their lives with mobile phones and Internet access. Many have never had the need to use a … Read the rest

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Research has shown again and again that celebrity brand endorsers don’t typically drive brand sales, but there are always exceptions to every rule. In a recent study, Women at NBCUniversal determined that several celebrity endorsers are making a positive impact on a number of brands. What will surprise you even more is who those celebrities are and which brands they’re pitching.

Women at NBCU used its Brand Power Index (BPI) to track 500 brands between … Read the rest

The 2012 List of Banished Words from Lake Superior State University is out and includes 11 words that people don’t want to see or hear anymore. Pay attention — these are words you should probably leave out of your marketing messages unless you want to annoy your audience.

The list of banished words has been compiled each year since 1076 using an international interview, nomination, and voting process. It includes words and phrases that people … Read the rest