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To many old school marketers, making the leap from traditional marketing to social media marketing is still a challenge they’re having trouble with. Brand managers find themselves investing time and energy into proving that traditional marketing and social media marketing can be successfully integrated, and in fact, they should be integrated at every opportunity.

Some brands are providing great examples to learn from and use as a launch point for strategic planning meetings. Let’s take … Read the rest

CareerBuilder has gotten positive feedback from consumers on its humorous television commercials featuring chimpanzees that debuted in 2005. The ads were a viewer favorite during the 2011 Super Bowl, so the company plans to feature the apes again in its upcoming 2012 Super Bowl commercials.

As AdAge reports, the ads scored well in terms of likability, but not as well in terms of persuasion. Despite those results from Ace Metrix, CareerBuilder announced the … Read the rest

So let’s do another little survey here.  Hands up anyone who’s crossed Gypsy Rose’s palm with silver in the hope of having their fortune told?  No-one?  Oh, maybe one person at the back.  Well, it doesn’t surprise me, we’re not really into such superstitious claptrap these days.

Nevertheless, every year every CSR practitioner seems to feel they too can be Gypsy Rose.  Crystal balls get polished and predictions made.  If you’re lucky, there may even … Read the rest

In the United States, advertising during sports programming can be a pricey investment, but it works. That’s why so many brands invest so heavily in national TV sports advertising. According to Nielsen, national television sports advertising rose to $10.9 billion in advertising expenditures between Q4 2010 through Q3 2011. That’s up from $10.3 billion during the same period a year prior.

Interestingly, Nielsen also reports that the bulk of those advertising dollars are going … Read the rest

More eyeballs doesn’t always equate to better return on marketing investments, and that applies to social media marketing just as it does to more traditional forms of marketing. Sure 800 million people are on Facebook, so it’s not surprising that 94% of marketers surveyed during a December 2011 study conducted by Awareness Inc. indicated they would use Facebook to market their brands in 2012.

However, marketers are finally starting to realize that bigger isn’t necessarily … Read the rest