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In July 2011, the Huffington Post debuted a U.K.-specific website filled with local, regional, and global news as well as content targeted to the U.K. audience. Now, it’s time for brands to get in on the action.

On the Huffington Post U.S. site, partner brands can publish blog posts as a part of their social media and content marketing efforts. The brands get excellent exposure and the Huffington Post earns revenue, not just from the … Read the rest

Bluefin Labs is a social TV analytics company that uses social data to analyze how audiences feel about brands and ads that they see on television. Recently, Bluefin Labs released data that shows some interesting relationships between brands and TV based on audience conversations, activities, and behaviors on the social web.

For example, Adweek reports that the study revealed people who talk about Walmart on the social web are likely to tweet and comment about … Read the rest

Walmart might be one of the biggest retailers in the world, but Apple is the company with the most online shoppers as of November 2011 according to comScore (as reported by Ad Age).

There is one thing that’s pushing Apple ahead of Walmart — iTunes. Of the 79 million unique visitors to the Apple website from the United States in November, 30% of them came for the iTunes digital content store.

Digital content sales … Read the rest

In 2006, a cool commercial named “Evolution” got people talking about Dove soap. In the ad, a camera recorded a model from the moment she sat in the makeup chair to photo-retouching of the pictures shot during the photo shoot, and finally, to the ad that appeared on a billboard. The add supported the Dove Self-Esteem Fund and intended to show people that the women in ads aren’t accurate depictions of reality. That ad was … Read the rest