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For nine years, Karen Wickre managed the Google blogs product and everything that goes with it as senior media liaison. This month, Wickre announced on her personal blog that she was leaving Google and heading to Twitter where she’ll take on the role of editorial director.

However, before she heads to Twitter, Wickre shared her insights about Google’s culture and success on her blog and it’s a great read (follow the preceding link to read … Read the rest

A decade ago, consumers’ mailboxes overflowed every day with a plethora of direct mail sent from every type of company you could think of. Today, our mailboxes are a lot less cluttered, and that’s a relief for mail recipients. The reason is simple — postage is expensive! However, direct mail isn’t dead yet.

It could be argued that direct mail offers a significant opportunity to brands today simply because there is far less clutter in … Read the rest

This is the second in a series of three interviews focused on careers, employer brand and social media: Paul (Corporate Eye CEO) interviews Andrew Mayo, Director at Mayo Learning International, and President of the HR Society here in the UK.

Companies often claim that their people are their best assets, but just how do you measure and communicate the importance of people to a company?

Good applicants – like investors and other stakeholders – … Read the rest

google dynamic ads website

Google announced a redesign coming to its popular Google AdWords program called Dynamic Search Ads last week. While the program is still in beta, Google is claiming that Dynamic Search Ads have been in development for two and a half years and just might change the entire way Google sells advertising in the future.

Dynamic Search Ads will be generated for advertisers based on the content found on the websites where the advertiser wants to … Read the rest