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I invited Kenneth Kendrick, who has experience of whistle-blowing, for his views on how companies should communicate their openness to such reporting on their corporate websites. Kenneth is looking for work at the moment: he’s open to various types of work, but is looking for quality assurance or advocacy work. If you can help, you can contact him by email.

How to get employees to report unethical practices before your business suffers

Known … Read the rest

There are a lot of mobile apps available to consumers, but only a small percentage of those apps become highly popular. However, apps are extremely important to companies and brands because consumers spend a lot of time using them. Research by Nielsen breaks down the average daily mobile activity on Android smartphones as follows:

  • Apps = 56%
  • Emailing and Messaging = 19%
  • Phone = 15%
  • Web browser = 9%
  • Camera = 1%

Now, consider how … Read the rest

Reputation in financial services.

Insert your favourite joke about our least popular professions – traffic warden, estate agent, lawyer, banker – here.

Except it isn’t a joke, is it?

Financial services companies continue to be reviled by the public and the media. You might be unsympathetic… but like it or not, the financial services sector is a core part of the UK’s economic system. Their reputation matters to us all – and even if you … Read the rest

With over 14 billion downloads of apps for Apple devices so far, it’s not surprising that companies are looking seriously at how apps could be used as part of their corporate communications strategy.

At the #truleeds unconference last week, Dave Martin (AllTheTopBananas) used his iPad to show me the US PepsiCo app which they’ve developed. It’s been available in the States since late January, and will be launched here in the UK within … Read the rest

Does your brand have a mobile strategy? Is your brand’s mobile strategy a top priority for your company? It should be.

Predictions say that mobile content consumption is expected to surpass online content consumption as more people purchase smartphone and tablet devices. With price points coming down on popular mobile devices, this prediction is poised to come true sooner rather than later.

At a recent ELEVATE conference panel session moderated by Will Richmond of VideoNuzeRead the rest