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Each year, the team at puts together a logo design trend report. The 2011 logo trends were released this week, and it appears we’re in for more of the same in terms of color, circles, and bursts. In fact, most of the trends for the current year are disappointingly unexciting.

The report includes a variety of design trends. I pulled several of the most interesting trends from the report. They are:

  • Retro-chic: The Web
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You didn’t think you’d get away without a Royal Wedding post, did you?

Anyone who’s spent any part of the last couple of weeks awake, here in the UK, is well aware that a young couple are getting married today.

It is rare that an event is of such significance that the entire country is aware of it, whether enthusiastic about it or not. So it’s not surprising that media channels are making the most … Read the rest

A guest contribution provided by Forex Traders

In today’s fast paced electronic age, corporate communications executives have expanded their distribution options immensely, but with broader spheres of influence, the message at times gets diluted, and the intended goals of the message may sometimes miss their mark. Each audience of stakeholders and potential supporters varies from the mean in their requisite ability to both understand and fully comprehend the import of what is being communicated.

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It’s that time again…

Long-standing readers will remember that I’m a fan of the Social Media in a Corporate Context conferences organised by Communicate – and have been to several of the UK-based ones. The next one is coming up on June 2, in London, at The Grange St Paul’s Hotel (between St Paul’s Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge)

The programme seems to get stronger every time. Though the programme this year offers case studies … Read the rest