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Where are you investing your marketing budget in 2011?  If you want your brand to be in the right places, then you need to consider the shifting media usage trends that will define 2011.

According to research by eMarketer, television, video and Internet content consumption still dominate media usage among U.S. adults as follows:

  • TV and video = 4 hours and 24 minutes per day
  • Internet = 2 hours and 35 minutes per day
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Unfortunately, a number of big brands made some big mistakes in 2010.  With each mistake that makes the news, there are things marketers and brand managers can learn and apply to their own initiatives.

Instead of focusing on the negatives of 2010, let’s take a look at five of the biggest lessons we can learn from some of the biggest mistakes brands made in 2010.  Keep in mind, the lessons to learn may or may … Read the rest

According to Ad Age’s weekly Trendrr data, Christmas week was a busy one for foursquare check-ins — although check-ins did not reach previously set peaks.

Only two of the brands in the top ten for the holiday week saw a decline in check-ins from the prior week. Of the top ten retail brand check-ins on foursquare during that week, three were food and beverage chains and 7 were consumer products and electronics retailers. Interestingly, it … Read the rest

  • Catchwords of 2010 Include Brand Names
    Brand naming company Catchwords put together a visual representation of the catchwords that dominated American culture in 2010.  The company compiled the names and words that defined 2010 both positively and negatively and put them together in the graphic shown below.

    I’d be curious to learn how Catchword determined which words and phrases made it on […]

  • Important Technological Innovations for Enterprise
    Continuing our intermittent series of guest posts
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If you want to get a positive brand boost, get your company on Undercover Boss — a television show on CBS in the United States that sends company presidents and other leaders undercover into their own companies to investigate it from the inside.

A new report from Nielsen reveals the top trends of 2010, including the 10 most effective product placements based on brand opinion.  7 out of the top 10 of the most … Read the rest