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I recently invited Karen Jones from BioEngagement to write a guest post for us about how best to position new technologies. Over to you, Karen!

Let’s say you have a new technology platform to sell. Should you describe it as “new and never been done before”, or “just like those other guys, but better”?

Positioning: Create a New Market or Segment an Existing One?

Positioning your new technology can make the difference between success and … Read the rest

Holiday marketing and advertising budgets for retailers are staying relatively flat this year, but that money won’t be spent the same way it has been in prior years.  2010 holiday advertising budgets will be spread in new ways to match the changing behaviors of consumers.

According to the BDO Retail Compass Survey, fewer companies are cutting holiday advertising budgets in 2010 (just 20% will cut holiday advertising budgets) than in 2009 (26% cut holiday … Read the rest

Last week, the United Nations Special Representative on Human Rights, John Ruggie, released the draft “Guiding Principles for the Implementation of the UN ‘Protect, Respect and Remedy’ Framework” for consultation.

Businesses and stakeholders have the opportunity to comment on them up until the end of January 2011, after when they will be prepared for formal presentation to the UN Human Rights Read the rest

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The 2010 Benchmarking Study by Ketchum and FedEx researched 62 businesses from a number of different industries to learn how those businesses’ social media goals compare to their engagement levels on the social web.

Interestingly, the goals of most businesses, regardless of industry, are similar.  Leading social media goals of U.S. companies were identified in the study as:

  • Increase awareness and interaction with our brand: 94.1%
  • Create a community for our customers and fans: 76.1%
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