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The print publishing world might be falling apart, but television advertising won’t be dying out anytime soon –not if the opinions of CMOs matter.

In an Advertising Week panel of Chief Marketing Officers hosted by Fast Company last week, CMOs agreed almost unanimously that television advertising is still an important part of their marketing strategies and won’t be going away anytime soon.  However, times are changing and television doesn’t hold the place of importance that … Read the rest

Just in case you’re starting to lose track of all this eco-sustainability-responsibility-footprint stuff, a timely reminder of the sheer complexity of the task came last week from one of the most interesting of the new crop of MPs, Caroline Lucas.

The Illegally Logged Timber (Prohibition of Import, Sale or Distribution) Bill was introduced somewhere just after 12:10pm on 16th September and received its first reading .. which in plain speak means the title was read … Read the rest

When the internet first appeared, many didn’t foresee the prominence it would have in our everyday lives and more importantly, how it would overtake all other channels as a source of information. So implied the article ‘’ which appeared in the Guardian in the year 2000. Writer John O’Farrell explored the few uses of the internet, surmising that “the usefulness of the internet has been hyped out of all proportion.”

So it’s no surprise that … Read the rest Read more


NBC Universal’s female-targeted ad sales, marketing and research initiative, called Women at NBCU, announced the August 2010 rankings for its monthly Brand Power Index this week, which was designed to be the most comprehensive measure of the 25 consumers brands that are most important and most talked about by women.

The index is compiled using online search data from comScore, social media data from New Media Strategies and person-to-person conversations tracked by Keller Faye.  Since … Read the rest

The latest instalment in this occasional column concerns that most unique of countries, Switzerland.

All countries’ cultures are in one way or another influenced by their geography, but in Switzerland that influence is of paramount importance.  The country sits at the centre of the Alps, the highest mountain range in Europe.  The Alps are, in turn, a natural barrier between northern Europe and the Mediterranean, from which trade routes open up to Africa and Asia.… Read the rest