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In my last installment of this series, I wrote about how posting slides of your investor presentations was helpful to investors. This week, I’m addressing a corollary concern: the need for investors to be able to access a history of a company’s financial press releases. Almost every investor relations web site will include a section on press releases. Unfortunately, where the section is and how much history it contains can vary considerably.

Ideally, a link … Read the rest

A bit of a buzz has been going on related to the famous Mac vs. PC Guy commercials that have become a highly recognizable and popular advertising campaign which successfully repositioned Apple’s brand against the personal computer category leader, Microsoft.

I wrote about the Apple brand and Mac vs. PC Guy commercials on the Corporate Eye blog in May 2008 and again in October 2008, and now, over two years later, the ads are … Read the rest

There are lots of reasons why a company might choose to rebrand:

  • increasing globalisation leading to confusion in the minds of customers
  • acquisition or merger of two companies – or a spinoff – necessitating a change
  • significant change to the business – products, services, direction, scale…
  • the need to differentiate from competitors
  • occasionally as a result of a crisis
  • and no doubt there are more…

Such a big change isn’t usually decided on a whim, … Read the rest

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about brand museums and factories that have become popular tourist destinations.  Had I written that post a few years ago, Kellogg’s may have been on it, but the company’s Cereal City USA in Battle Creek, Michigan never drew the attendance levels it needed to survive (it closed in 2007).  However, just because Cereal City USA wasn’t a huge hit doesn’t mean that Kellogg’s was ready to give up … Read the rest

I’m allowed to say that, because I’m from Teesside.

I know there are points north of there (I’ve even visited a few) but for many living in the south, anywhere above the Hull/Bristol line is the Frozen North – and there may even be dragons.

So I’m delighted that Communicate Magazine are bringing their very successful Social Media in a Corporate Context to Manchester.

OK, Manchester isn’t very far north, and is less than … Read the rest