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When was the last time you checked your sitemap?

I ask because recently I’ve seen a few sitemaps with one of these problems…

1. Sitemap contains broken links

Broken links in the sitemap are probably because the site got redesigned, but no-one thought to revise the sitemap. This might be as simple as a page being moved, renamed or removed, but it can be as extensive as the site being recreated but redirects not working … Read the rest

Is your brand leveraging Twitter to connect with the active community of women dubbed Twitter Moms who hold massive buying power and actively follow and engage with brands on the social web?  If you’re not, you should be.

New research from lucid marketing (via eMarketer) reveals some interesting facts about Twitter Moms’ preferences when it comes to interacting with brands on the microblogging site.

While many brands rely on self-promoting sales and discounts via … Read the rest

“Just Yodel it to me.”  That’s a phrase you’re likely to start hearing a lot in the near future with the launch of HDN’s new brand identity.

HDN (Home Delivery Network) is the biggest home delivery service in the United Kingdom.  After purchasing part of DHL’s U.K. business, HDN needed a revamped brand identity, and in an attempt to stand out from the acronym-heavy package delivery business, the company went with a fresh, … Read the rest

Brand identity is an elusive subject for marketers and non-marketers alike.  One of the most important tangible representations of your brand is its logo.  These days, logos are getting more and more elaborate with half-tones, surface effects, and a myriad of design effects that look great online but can be a nightmare to reproduce offline – technically and financially.

While it’s nice to say, “logo design shouldn’t be restricted by future production budgets,” the truth … Read the rest

Regular readers will know that we sometimes host guest writers. I invited Ian Berry from Differencemakers Community to contribute his views on being remarkable.

Ian Berry CSP FAIM is a writer, mentor, and international business speaker. He is the Founder of Differencemakers Community, an online and in person home for individuals who wish to increase their differencemaking and who want to find collaborators to work with in order to increase the scale of differencemaking … Read the rest