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In the first study of its kind, NeuroFocus (a leading neuromarketing company) researched how consumers subconsciously react to ads viewed on different media.  Specifically, the company used its own brain measurement technology to analyze consumers’ responses to VISA’s “Trip for Life” television commercial related to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.  Consumers watched the ad on television during the Olympic Games, on a special VISA-created Olympics Web site, and on a VISA-created Olympics Facebook page.

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Communicate Magazine’s Social Media in a Corporate Context conference yesterday ran a session examining social media newsrooms in the style of The X-Factor. Yes, really!

If we’d been assessing each of the sessions of the day to see whether they should go through to the next stage, this one would have got my vote.

Naturally, nobody was publicly humiliated and bleeped off stage, but the format of the session was entertaining, and enabled … Read the rest


Online video presents an incredible opportunity for brands to reach consumers, and in the past year, that opportunity has increased by 37%.

According to a report from comScore, U.K. online video viewing grew by 37% between February 2009 and February 2010 among the U.K. audience age 15 and older accessing the Internet at home or at work.  Mirroring online video viewing statistics in the United States, the U.K. audience watches the vast majority of … Read the rest

A television ad has been running in the U.S. to promote disability/diversity awareness.  Watch the spot online if you haven’t seen it—but basically, it’s a running (or actually, rolling) gag in which an African American woman in a wheelchair goes through the hallways of her workplace, commenting into the camera about the many types of “different” people in the office.

One of her co-workers is “Fashion Deficient,” another is “Copy Incapable,” and a third has … Read the rest

A new survey of Fortune 500 executives released by Datran Media reveals that the people who fill the C-suites favor clicks over brands when it comes to digital marketing.  In other words, digital marketing goals mirror financial goals — short-term gains are better than long-term sustainable growth.  Sadly, that’s a problem that keeps rearing its ugly head across the financial sector, but executives whose salaries and bonuses are tied to short-term growth continue to pursue … Read the rest