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Unless a buyer steps up to the plate very soon, General Motors plans to retire the Hummer brand.  Given the fact that the Hummer brand has been ranked as the brand with the least value by consumers, is anyone really surprised?  The bigger surprise would be seeing this brand rise again.  Instead, sales dropped to just 325 units in December 2009 — down by 85% from December 2008.

The death of the Hummer brand can … Read the rest

An important part of marketing and branding is appealing to consumers’ senses, and sound is just as important as smell, touch, taste and sight.  I was particularly interested in an article I read on the Fast Company Web site today that revealed the most well-known sounds, including the top 10 branded sounds.  Believe it or not, the Intel sound that’s become so recognized that it’s now part of the company’s advertising campaign (check out the … Read the rest

hyundi genesis

Twenty years ago the Hyundai brand represented cheap, starter cars.  It was a brand that people poked fun at, and it was a brand that was not known for quality.  Today, the Hyundai brand still carries some of those old stigmas, but they’re more of a distant memory than anything else.  Today, the Hyundai brand doesn’t mean cheap.  It means affordable.  And it means a lot more, too.

While other automobile brands have struggled to … Read the rest

adage wtt

The entertainment industry continues to dominate online conversations happening on the social Web, particularly on Twitter.  In the second report in a new weekly Top 10 Most Tweeted Brands chart, which is a collaboration between Advertising Age and What The Trend, only three company or product brands made it into the top 10 for the week of February 12, 2010.  Of those three company or product brands, all of them came from the technology … Read the rest

A Closer Look at the Candidate Experience drew a comment from Gerry Crispin (one of the masterminds at CareerXroads) that has made me give a little more thought to this topic.  His point:

Firms will increasingly be able to measure the link from an improved candidate experience to higher engagement as employee and (surprise) better company performance.  Then we’ll see some light escaping the black hole.

This is really important.  If companies recognize a … Read the rest