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behavioral advertising

In mid-2009, U.S. advertisers came together in an attempt to ward off threats by the Federal Trade Commission and consumer advocacy groups against online behavioral advertising targeting claiming the process was a violation of individuals’ rights to privacy.  A group of 12 companies that represent some of the biggest advertising spenders in the world, including Google, Microsoft, General Electric, and more, developed a document listing seven self-regulatory principles in an attempt to appease the opposition … Read the rest

I had so much fun doing the end-of-year posts that I want to repeat the experience regularly.  So the Monthly Wrap will (a) cover short things that didn’t fit elsewhere, and (b) update things that did.  Here’s the debut:

An update on “the Twitter experiment.” A couple of months ago, in the post HR Superstars: A Handy Guide, I promised to follow everyone on the iCMS list of “21 HR Leaders in Web 2.0 … Read the rest


Are all brands global?  That’s a question we could have answered easily a decade or two ago, but today, it’s not as simple.  With the growth of the social Web, tools like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and so on make the global conversation immediate.  Could it be argued that because of the power of the social Web in terms of spreading information wider and faster than ever, all brands are global by default simply because … Read the rest


A couple of months ago, I posted about my disappointment with a webinar I’d attended, and added a few thoughts about webinars in general.  The gist was “execution is key,” and that proposition has been nicely confirmed by my most recent webinar experience.

The topic this time:  Introductory Twitter for Recruiters: How to Minimize Your Time and Maximize ROI.  Presented by “Arbita ACES’s master cybersleuth, Glenn Gutmacher,” the webinar was informative, interesting, and smoothly … Read the rest

starbucks NYT


Okay—pun intended.  But blame the New York Times for introducing basketball in its recent story titled Now at Starbucks: A Rebound.  In its Q1 earnings report, SBUX showed a net income of $241.5 million (up from $64.3 million in the year-ago quarter), revenue up 4%, and same-store sales up 4%.  After several quarters of steady declines, the new view must look just like heaven.

So what has Starbucks done right?  First let’s consider … Read the rest