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Recently, I went looking for a report on the website of a fairly well-known company, so of course I stopped by their Careers page—and through a series of events, I ended up noticing something that wouldn’t be obvious to most visitors.  But even if it won’t be seen by the public, I think it’s important for two reasons:  (a) no one caught it in-house, and (b) it suggests a pattern of thinking that seems problematic, … Read the rest

Earlier this month, I published a post about News Corp’s plan to block all of its content from Google searches.  Considering that Google controls more than 60% of online searches, that sounds like a crazy idea.  Now, it looks like News Corp has a different idea that involves partnering with Microsoft to provide News Corp content through Bing.

Crazy?  Or the first step in redefining the Internet?

The debate is on.

According to … Read the rest

The online retail brand battle is on!

  • Walmart wants to stop Amazon from growing.
  • Walmart wants more of the online retail market.
  • What Walmart wants, Walmart usually gets.

There is power behind the $405 billion in annual sales Walmart churns out.  Should Amazon (with $20 billion in sales last year) be worried?  Walmart hopes so.

Well, let’s look at this from a consumer perspective — mine.

Why do I shop at instead of… Read the rest

Creative perks can go a long way to boost the employer brand.  They improve employee morale, attract publicity, and entice passive candidates. But only if people know about them!

Recently I was reviewing the website of a fairly well-known company.  They have a nice set of benefits—definitely above average—but the goodies aren’t given an effective presentation on the site.  Instead of being highlighted with bullet points, bold type, etc., so they would jump out as … Read the rest