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It’s TomTom and Garmin’s turn to be worried.  Google has rolled out its free navigation service using Google maps available through Motorola’s Droid smartphone (and coming soon to more phones).

It appears Google has done it again.  What do GPS companies have to worry about?  Let’s take a look:

  • Google’s navigation tool is free: Instead of paying for a GPS or a mapping service subscription through cell phone providers, consumers can benefit from Google’s usual
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Xstrata is a major global diversified mining group, based in Switzerland and the UK, that knows how to communicate via its website. Take a look at the Homepage —

First the abstract image at the top changes; I had to mention this since I like abstracts. The Home page is loaded with information links, but is not overwhelming. The navigation on the upper left is good, the company prominently displays updates on its merger, … Read the rest

Once again, Microsoft is desperately trying to copy their cooler competitor, Apple.  This time, the company is jumping on the brick-and-mortar retail location bandwagon.  Introducing Microsoft Retail Stores!

There is no doubt that the Apple stores have helped Steve Jobs and friends create one of the most powerful relationship brands by surrounding consumers with another branded experience where they can share the brand they love.  The Apple stores employ cool employees, give free … Read the rest

I recently took a rather twisty trip through the website of a “membership organization, think tank and educational resource.”  I was trying to access a report,  and since I do that sort of thing a lot—for an assortment of different topics I write about– I’m pretty accustomed to the various strategies utilized to extract (a) information about me, and (b) money from me.  But some extra challenges made this attempt worth a post.

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The third essential piece of share price information for investors coming to your web site is historical stock price information. When investors buy stock they know they are supposed to record their purchase price, but they often fail to do so. Or they misplace the information. So companies need to provide an easy way for people to look up the stock price on a particular day.

There are several ways to address this need for … Read the rest