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Microsoft brings us a great example of how NOT to use social media to market your business, your brand, your products, or anything else you might ever consider promoting online in any way shape or form with its Global Windows 7 Launch Party campaign.

I don’t think I could make this story much funnier than The Register did, so check out their take for a good laugh.  In the meantime, here’s my view on this … Read the rest

Workforce Management has come up with another surprising article.  (The first one was discussed here recently in Cut on the Bias.)  And this time, the fur is flying.

The article is Discriminatory Twist in Networking Sites Puts Recruiters in Peril.  If the title seems a bit melodramatic—it really doesn’t hold a candle to the contents.  Highlights:

  • “Sourcing from professional network sites such as LinkedIn carries a risk that the method could be challenged
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If you believe Facebook chief revenue officer Mike Murphy, then it is possible to convince Facebook users to friend brands on the social networking site.  According to an article from AdWeek, Murphy claims that, “ads on Facebook have a significantly higher engagement rate than ads elsewhere on the Internet.”

That’s possible since ads served via Facebook are typically well targeted.  But how does that advertising engagement rate translate into friending brands and building relationships … Read the rest

At times I come across a corporate website that is truly extraordinary. RWE Group, a company that is among Europe’s five largest utilities, is the latest finding. The Home page —

offers an interactive History and easy access to information about the Company. When you mouseover on “RWE at a glance”, the menu images and icons to the left change in sync.

The company displays a high-level view of their Strategy, but more … Read the rest

This week I visited Rolls-Royce’s investor site and found much to like.  Similar to a well-engineered engine, the site seemed to do exactly what it was supposed to with a minimum of fuss or wasted energy.

To start, the tab for investors is the second tab listed on the top banner on the Roll-Royce home page.  No hunting involved here, as you would be hard pressed to miss the link.  The main investor page is … Read the rest