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I read a article that mentioned the new Tesco PLC website, so I took a look. Though I’ve reviewed many websites, Tesco’s is in a class by itself. First, look at the Home Page

Lively, good use of graphics for highlighting key navigation themes. I like the Fast Find in the upper left. Each link takes you to a page that has a similar graphical theme. Note also the effective use of navigation menus … Read the rest

According to a U.S. study by Mintel, private label food product introductions in 2009 made up 25% of all food product launches.  In 2005, they only comprised 13% of all food product introductions on retail shelves.

In 2008, private label food sales grew by 9.3% versus 4.5% for branded food product sales.  Mintel reports that private label food sales are expected to grow another 8.1% in 2009.  Should branded food products be worried?  Is … Read the rest

I recently wrote about the demise of General Motors. Now that the bankruptcy has advanced I decided to take another look. There are some surprises.

First, the main site is impressive in its attempts to communicate a new image. Look at the Mission Page:

Wow, what a bankruptcy can do to corporate websites.

Note the use of Web 2.0, Facebook, Twitter — nice. Also lots of information on progress, commentaries and news. It is … Read the rest

Eye appeal is important for selling houses, and it applies to websites too. Eye appeal was my first reaction to Trelleborg Group’s website

Uncluttered, well laid out, tells what the company is about and links to key information. OK so far but is there “steak behind the sizzle”?

Yes there is content (steak) behind the good looks.

For example, the About Us page has a comprehensive menu of links to more information on the … Read the rest