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Earlier this year I wrote Corporate Governance Trends 2009. I thought it appropriate to expand on some of the trends discussed. For this post I will review Corporate Strategy and the importance of the Board in not just reviewing the strategy but becoming active participants in its formulation. At its essence Corporate Strategy is rigorously defining “where we are, where are going and how we will get there”.

In the past, the CEO and … Read the rest

Continuing my visits to the investor home pages of FTSE 100 companies, I recently visited the Cadbury site.  I think my decision to visit the site was subliminal – I’ve been on a diet lately, so perhaps I subconsciously thought that I could satisfy a craving for sweets by visiting their site.  I didn’t lick the screen however – you have to draw the line somewhere.

Overall, I thought the Cadbury investor page was quite … Read the rest

“Today online recruiting is more than just a human resources tool . . . It’s a whole culture.”

That’s a quote from Peter Capelli, director of Wharton’s Center for Human Resources.  It’s featured in The Evolution of Recruiting, a short, entertaining video put together by ERE’s Brendan Shields and HR superstar Susan Burns.  (Excellent music, by the way!)

I don’t know exactly what Capelli meant by this statement–but it brings up a good … Read the rest

Boy shorts are one thing, but Y-front underwear for women?  That’s not attractive.  However, Jockey is betting that women want to look androgenous or downright manly, so the company is launching Y-front underpants for women.  The Y-front offers no utility, but it does de-feminize the wearer.  Hmmm…. I think this is going to be a hard sell.

There are several forms of gender branding, and the androgenous brand is popular for a number of consumer … Read the rest

No, really, is she/he?

This article written by Internet News gives a very interesting discussion on how CEOs, both popularly known and not-so-well known are apprehensive when it comes to using Facebook. They either have an account that they don’t use, make infrequent updates or perhaps just don’t know HOW to use it. Perhaps they feel that it’s a waste of their valuable time, or maybe they do not fully understand the impact that social … Read the rest