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Another social media platform? Yes, I’m afraid so. It’s such an appealing way for businesses to connect that Google wants to join in on the fun too. Now, your company’s executives and officers can establish themselves with a new social networking platform and position themselves to be found in the wonderful community of the World Wide Web.

I’m thinking that perhaps there may be an over-saturation of social media sites, so many that I can’t … Read the rest Read more

In a word:  Vocus.  I recently took a one-hour tour of this magical kingdom, and left feeling that I could never again be satisfied with ordinary life.  While you’re in the Vocus world, it really seems as if you have the entire media establishment of America (and the UK) at your beck and call.  Just waiting to hear from you!

Okay, so that part is a fantasy.  But what you do have with Vocus … Read the rest

Sometimes you come across something so extraordinary that you can’t wait to share it.  So it is with the About Us section of  Novozymes a Danish company a company that has a 40% market share in the industry for enzymes used in ethanol production. First there is a unique statement on the About Us section, not your typical vision statement–

A vision alone is not enough for Novozymes to make its mark on the world.

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Just eight years ago in 2001, Time Warner paid $147 billion to buy AOL.  Time Warner even went so far as to add the AOL name to the company’s corporate brand, creating AOL Time Warner.  Fast forward to 2009, and AOL has been draining money from Time Warner for years.  Finally, Time Warner announced that it’s cutting ties with AOL and spinning it off as a separate public company in a press release distributed … Read the rest

Alright, I love it! I love the idea and new market segment that Home Retail Group is carving out for themselves. Based in the UK, they are certainly onto something that hopefully will catch on quickly in the UK and find its way fast to the U.S. Although there are many companies here in the U.S. who offer pet insurance coverage, I don’t find many that are affordable and marketed very much. Do you?

Pet … Read the rest