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How do you reach your customers for your business? What methods do you use to market your products or services to them? Do you use a mix of traditional methods plus web-savvy strategies? The Internet has grown to such a capacity that email marketing has now become a more preferred method of targeting and reaching customers about your service. No, it’s not spammy, only if you don’t know how to send a targeted email.

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The second post in the Diversity series covered strategies for integrating diversity messaging. considerations about presenting diversity. So now we look at a second group of considerations—both practical and ethical—associated with presentation of diversity on the website. That takes in both subtle factors (such as imagery and language) and obvious content, such as policy statements and executive messages.

This post is a story and some questions. No answers!

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A year or so ago, eBay made the decision to change the fee structure it charges sellers as well as a few other aspects of its business model that ultimately hurt both sellers and buyers looking for bargains on the top auction site. 

Remember, eBay began as a second-hand merchandise auction site where anyone could try to make a few bucks and get rid of clutter in their homes while buyers benefited from great prices … Read the rest

In the first post of this series, I suggested there are four basic approaches to dealing with diversity topics on the corporate and career websites. I’m going to call them:

1. Not a Problem. Say nothing, except by implication.

2. Just the Facts. Post a policy or statement.

3. Effectively Engaged. Expand diversity messaging.

4. Devoted to Diversity. Make diversity a major feature.

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Despite much advice from the $15 Billion Leadership Industry (business schools, seminars, books, tapes, journals), it seems that many so called leadership experts; business books and publications failed us.

…corporate America is in crisis, confidence in leaders is plummeting, and a recent DDI survey finds that more than one-third of all new leaders fail. What’s wrong with leadership development?
Leadership Development: Does Not Fit All

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