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The Economic crisis and the collapse of financial companies has and will continue to supply the news media with an ample supply of material for reporting.

Yet most of the institutions at the epicentre of the crisis remain silent.

Perhaps Ben W. Heineman Jr., GE’s former senior vice-president for law and public affairs, says it best —

Where are the chief executive officers, top management and corporate directors of the world’s financial institutions? Their failures,

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Amidst a time of uncertainties, a shaky and unstable economy, many businesses are either failing under the pressure or rolling with the times. Hallmark cards has chosen the latter as they continue to thrive with the budget-friendly line of .99 cents cards that they introduced in the late 1990s. They were able to spot a trend developing, assess its direction and take their product line towards the way the future was heading.

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I often write about how important employees are as the ultimate brand advocates and ambassadors next to consumers.  If your employees are treated well and truly believe in your company and your brand, then they’ll talk about it, and they’ll influence others.  In the end, your sales will rise.  But would your employees where Mardi Gras costumes, complete with beads, masks and more, for you?

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The idea that high-value talent is concentrated among people not looking for jobs has become widely accepted in the recruiting community. And the potential to locate these “passive candidates” is probably the top reason cited for using LinkedIn as a recruiting tool.

So—how true are these propositions? And how does the hunt for PCs relate to the Careers website?

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There are so many clever and creative ways to utilize your media sources for your corporate marketing campaign that you could essentially never run out of ideas to use. Effective use of your media strategy involves doing things that are unconventional, creative and attention-getting. With so much competition both online and offline for consumer marketing dollars, it’s often a gray place trying to decipher what’s marketing and what’s not. What can sometimes be quite interesting … Read the rest