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In Washington, politicians are making hay with the public’s perception that greedy CEOs and executives were asleep at the switch as their companies circled the drain.

So far, the only concrete action taken has been the limit placed on executive compensation at financial institutions that receive Federal bailout money under the TARP program.  But, that doesn’t mean that more noise isn’t being made in more quarters than ever before.

The problem, of course, is perception.  … Read the rest

The correlation between the need for superior customer service and stellar customer experiences with brands AND a struggling economy is not rocket science.  It makes sense that people are going to be more price sensitive than ever during an economic downturn, but they are also likely to be far more affected by negative or positive customer experiences — and that includes experiences with brands.

It’s a simple concept really.  When every dollar counts more than … Read the rest

In my post Subprime Mortgage Crisis Musings, I mentioned that “There may be a chance that corporate ethics will finally get serious attention”. Well it seems this prediction may be happening.

First there’s the Edelman Trust Barometer Report —

Access the full Report.

OK, the USA has a serious problem with Corporate Ethics and Integrity. Let’s see what others are saying.

A US News Opinion article says

Failed Leadership Caused the Financial Crisis

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Going Gray looked at some of the benefits and challenges associated with recruiting older workers. Recap: 50+ workers represent a cost-effective resource pool, but Careers messaging often ignores them. And as we saw with the comparison of Hewlett-Packard and Securian . . . youth bias can be quite subtle.

To dive a little deeper, let’s consider another pair of examples.  Stanley Associates is one of the companies included on Fortune’s 2008 list of 100 Best Read the rest

In this time of economic crisis in the United States, there is worry and concern on the minds of citizens all over with issues ranging from housing and healthcare to education and entertainment. Taxpayers are worried about more than just what is immediately before them, but they are also concerned about the uncertainty of their future. They worry about their children’s education (or the lack thereof of availability), their retirement finances, current employment, securities, etc. … Read the rest