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In the world of Investor Relations, no one wants to think of anything as a “trick.” Yet, as Halloween approaches, I can’t help but use the holiday theme. So today, we talk about IR Trick or Treat!

The Fun Size Snickers Bar Treat: The Investor Relations Society will be awarding their IR Best Practice awards next month at a November 25 ceremony. Several categories make certain that there will be a little something for … Read the rest

Did you ever take “The Pepsi Challenge”?  Have you seen the Mac Guy vs. PC Guy commercials?  Chances are at some point you’ve seen some form of comparative advertising that could more accurately be called a “Brand Smackdown”.  Not unlike two brands entering an ultimate fighting ring, comparative advertising has become an all-out battle among some of the world’s top brands.

In the news of late has been the Dunkin’ Donuts vs. Starbucks taste test … Read the rest

A review of the FTSE100 Energy Sector demonstrating the importance of interactive content in helping consumers understand the sustainability challenges facing every industry.

The vast majority of our power comes from huge, centralised plants which consume natural resources in order to produce electricity (and carbon emissions!).

As a consequence, the energy sector is permanently under the sustainability microscope. There are renewable energy options but they’re not going to be built overnight.

In the meantime, many … Read the rest

Not even your brain waves are safe from the all-powerful reach of Google.  According to, Google and MediaVest have been studying brain waves to determine psychological responses to ads on video content.  It seems it’s not enough to know whether or not you click on an ad in an online video, now Google wants to know your internal, Freudian response to it, too.

Google tapped the skills of NeuroFocus to measure, “skin … Read the rest