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Allow me to start with a gross over-generalization: retailers would rather investors get lost in their product offerings than find useful information about them.  I say this after poking around on a number of retailers’ web sites.  By and large, it is very difficult to find your way to the investor relations page from most retailers’ home page as the home pages are cluttered with wiz-bang deals for goods on offer you just can’t refuse. My … Read the rest

One facet of the sustainability movement is that of corporate social responsibility, or CSR. This is the principle that businesses should recognise the wider social impact they have upon their and their suppliers’ workers and communities.

Many still misunderstand what is meant by this, believing it to be philanthropy rebranded. They limit their CSR activities to supporting grass roots causes, or donating a percentage of their annual income to a Charity of The Year.

Now … Read the rest

Even though store brands have lost much of the stigma they held 10 or 20 years ago as cheap knock-offs, there is still a certain level of negativity surrounding them.  Apparently, the negative brand impression was strong enough that companies like Wal-Mart, CVS and Walgreens are now calling them “captive brands” in an attempt to make them more palatable to a broader audience.

Retailers make more money selling their own brands then … Read the rest


As popular as blogging has become for most companies and especially for corporate America, there are still new advances in social marketing that have yet to reach the phenomenal reputation that blogging has. Some companies are still playing catch-up to the idea of blogging, wondering what to blog about and when is a good time to blog. This is in no way indicative of the quality or potential that … Read the rest

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the U.K. has decided that website publishers are responsible for all third-party ads that appear on their websites regardless of whether those ads are served based on content (such as Google AdSense). 

Both large and small companies serve a variety of third-party ads on their websites, with Google AdSense being the most popular.  Have you ever visited a website and found inappropriate Google AdSense ads on that site?  … Read the rest