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Ask around as to what improvements you could make and you are likely to get the same answer regarding your Investor Relations page, give us more information.  Of course, that is easier said than done.  Sure you’ve got acres of files and terabytes worth of email, but what can you actually publish?  With the current regulatory environment, other legal considerations, competitive issues and trade secrets, not to mention the efforts of the public relations and … Read the rest

Yes really –

Dozens of companies — from Coca-Cola to Microsoft — are becoming more “faith-friendly” as they welcome the spirituality of their employees, allowing groups to meet for Bible study or to discuss business ethics with a religious twist. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta has a Christian Fellowship Group, and the management at Bear Stearns, a Wall Street finance house, endorses and funds a weekly Torah class. Faith at the

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Take yourself back over 500 years to a market in the middle of any medieval town.

Farmer Giles is trying to sell his goats when along comes Farmer Bob. “How many goats will you give me for my woolly sheep?” he asks.

Farmer Giles strokes his chin. “Two,” he replies and the deal is done.

Then along comes Farmer Harold, leading a cart full of apples. “How many goats will you give me for my … Read the rest

I read an article on Brandweek today about Unilever’s decision to sell its laundry care division in North America, which includes popular brands such as All, Snuggle, Wisk, Surf and Sunlight.  According to Unilever’s spokesperson, Anita Larsen, the sale will allow Unilever to focus its efforts on growing its core brands.  I can understand that much, but what concerned me as I read this article was the suggestion that Unilever’s decision is in line with … Read the rest

Some of my posts touched on the importance of Corporate Cultures. Culture affects how employees behave. It also has an influence on how the company is perceived by external stakeholders. So making your Culture visible is imperative and an effective method is to simply use your website.

Some of the “Best Companies” lists published by magazines, consultants and other sources are useful sources of competitive intelligence to get started. However, “Best Company Cultures” ratings are … Read the rest