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Corporations that cater to the every day consumer are always looking for business-smart ways to stand out and become more noticeable. They may choose to do this by offering a product or service that is so amazing that it creates a consumer buzz. Or, maybe they choose to stand out by offering massive savings on their product or service just to get new customers and keep the old ones. Whichever route they choose, the end … Read the rest

This post will outline two more CEOs surveys —

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers’(PWC) “11th Annual Global CEO Survey”
  • The Center For Creative Leadership’s “Ten Trends”


In an increasingly connected world, what differentiates the business that thrives from that which merely survives? Our 11th Annual Global CEO Survey explores the impact of global connectivity on the sources of growth and risk, the way in which companies work and their relations with their stakeholders.

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I’ve been talking over the past week about emotional involvement in brands and how that type of connection to a brand can lead to deep customer loyalty.  What comes from customer loyalty aside from repeat purchases?  Typically, loyal customers are also very vocal about the brands they love and generate a great deal of free word-of-mouth advertising for those brands. 

Earlier this week I wrote about the 3 S’s of Customer Loyalty and how to … Read the rest

Wile E Coyote, the famous Warner Brothers’ cartoon character, always managed to get himself stuffed full of cactus spines whenever he tried to catch Roadrunner.

Approaching the issue of Primark’s use of child labour, and their consequent dropping of three Indian suppliers, is equally painful.

The story, for those unfamiliar with it, is as follows: the BBC Panorama programme did an episode focusing upon whether the ethical trading claims of Primark, an … Read the rest

Would anyone notice if your brand disappeared tomorrow?  Would anyone care?

Those are two questions that branding experts use in what’s often called the tombstone test.  By answering those questions, you’ll get a better idea of the importance of your brand in the marketplace. 

Is your brand easily replaceable in the minds of consumers?  Do customers feel a strong loyalty to your brand?  Try the tombstone test to learn the truth about your brand.

Think … Read the rest