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John Comana sat at his desk, headache pumping and a queasy feeling in his stomach. “I’ll take responsibility!” he’d volunteered. Now it didn’t seem such a smart move.

He, like many other corporate officers, has discovered that there are many different facets to environmental and social responsibility and although John Comana may be fictional, the headache is a very real one for many businesses.

No firm guidance exists on what corporate responsibility is, which activities … Read the rest

Is it difficult for customers to understand what you’re trying to communicate on your website? Are you showing them a blank screen, or hiding key sections of your site from them? It can happen to the best of companies without them realising …

I can think of a couple of reasons why you might decline somebody’s custom: but only people that you no longer wanted to have as customers. You surely wouldn’t refuse to serve … Read the rest

Often it takes something quite awful to highlight how important it is to do things properly. Clashing colours in an outfit, for instance, or the hamfisted throwing together of herbs and spices in a recipe.

So it is with French Connection’s CSR content.

Social Responsibility is all about showing a company is accountable and conscientious in its pursuit of business. This must shine through if the CSR information is to play an effective … Read the rest

Do you think that having a search facility on your site is a fairly standard best practice these days?

I do.

And yet 17% of the FTSE 100 do not have a search box (or link to a search page) on their home page. Why is this?… Read the rest