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Is corporate social responsibility really just spin, an expensive corporate fad and a tax on shareholders’ profits?

Sonia at Remarkable Communication recently wrote a helpful article about corporate social responsibility (CSR) for small business – how small businesses should set up and use a CSR programme. As she says, what works for giant companies will work for small lean businesses too.

But she raises some interesting questions:

1. Sonia refers to CSR as 90% spin, Read the rest

Have you visited YouTube recently?

No, I don’t usually have time either, but I have identified five different examples of using YouTube as a marketing tool for you. Each of these is a slightly different approach to marketing the company to potential recruits.

1. Classic talking heads: executives and experts

The first example are the videos placed by companies to discuss issues related to their industries.

For example, BDO Stoy Hayward have added a series … Read the rest

As usual, I’ve limited myself to only 15 minutes looking at this site, much less time that I would ordinarily take to review a site, but still have a few comments about things that immediately strike me.

There are several good features about this site, such as the provision of biographies for senior management as well as board members, and the filter feature in the press releases section to help the visitor find … Read the rest

What tool could you offer your visitors that is of benefit to both of you?

I’ve known about the Reckitt Benckiser share price tracker for a while … it opens in a tiny new window from the Reckitt Benckiser site, and it monitors the Reckitt Benckiser share price for you until you close the window.

Unicredit have gone one better. Yes, their Desktop will track the share price for you. It will do this in … Read the rest