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According to the New York Times, Target (who are a US retailer) have an official policy not to reply to bloggers. Shaping Youth, who discuss marketing’s influence on youth, were complaining about a rather unpleasant ad run by Target – and were given the response that:

“Unfortunately we are unable to respond to your inquiry because Target does not participate with nontraditional media outlets … This practice is in place to allow us

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Last time I suggested some ideas to help your prospective recruits find out something about what your company does.

Their next step will be to decide whether they would like to work for you.

Step 2: “Would I want to work for this company?”

Answering this question is a chance to sell your corporate culture. What is so special about your company? Why would someone want to work for you, rather than for your competition?… Read the rest


The letter from Princeton is an old standard now, but I mention it again to emphasize that the goal of a recruitment process (from both points of view) is to get to Yes.

Or perhaps Yes-Yes, because the goal is to get to Yes on both sides. (Yes-No or No-Yes are both mismatches resulting in disappointment. No-No is usually less of an issue).

To get to Yes, the prospective recruit has to find the … Read the rest

Have you considered using podscrolls to communicate more detail about you?

Podscrolls are like presentations, or brochures, and are composed of a series of images, but they are read using an iPod or other personal media player with a colour screen rather than on paper. These were first used by travel guides (Rough Guides), but potentially have a lot of different applications.

Accenture are using them in their Careers section to enable prospective candidates to … Read the rest

I have now managed to get onto Coca-Cola’s new mini-site (launched on Wednesday, apparently). I couldn’t find it before because the link from the press release didn’t seem to work – now there’s something that should always be checked – but Google found it for me. Of course.

Do you think this site is designed only for the British? It has a UK URL, and the audio clip used of their focus group contains … Read the rest