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Prior to the financial crisis, I read some academic papers about a trend toward convergence of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility. Then I came upon Anglo American PLC, a mining and natural resource company.

Note how the About Us integrates references to Governance and Responsibility.

The Governance description includes a reference to Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) —

EITI exists to improve transparency in generating and spending of revenues from the extractive sector. The basic

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In a few hours, we will be welcoming in a New Year. We’ll all be making personal resolutions (finally, to lose those last 10 pounds, organize my desk, start a garden, finish 2 novels, etc.). The pressure will be on to make it through the first 31 days of January without giving up and the call to action will be looming over our heads. Will we make it? Will we actually be able to accomplish … Read the rest

I’ve been reviewing a number of websites lately and it seems as if investor relations web sites are becoming more robust. I’ve been impressed with the variety and ingenuity exhibited on some of the sites I’ve seen, particularly for European companies. Overall, my impression is that the European IR websites have been more innovative in their use of the power of the web.

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Recent headlines have chronicled the ubiquitous debate on Executive Compensation and its relationship to the financial crisis. This debate is not new and has been going on since the 1990’s. However, the current financial crisis places a new focus on the topic and has revealed some exorbitant practices. A recent Wall Street Journal article by noted management guru Gary Hamel indicates —

We can hope, though, that the current crisis will bring leaders to the

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DRIPs, or Dividend Reinvestment Programs, are typically aimed at smaller retail investors.  As such, they are not often on the front radar screen of most Investor Relations departments.  Still, as shareholders, DRIP investors end up being fairly loyal, and in most cases do not sell shares based on news, market movements, or other “events.”  So, in a very real way, DRIP investors act much like a stock buyback in that they remove shares from the … Read the rest