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Not all companies have yet ‘got’ the value in providing RSS feeds, and don’t provide any at all; at the other extreme, some companies provide multiple RSS feeds, including feeds of podcasts, speeches and other tailored streams of information.

There is definitely a trend towards providing more RSS feeds, and providing feeds tailored to a particular audience.

people delete feeds that aren’t tailored to their needs

I’ve noticed that major companies tend to fall into … Read the rest

ArcelorMittal are doing a great job of communication over at Creating History.

This site is dedicated to the merger of Arcelor and Mittal, and consists of:

  • excellent video materials – 15 so far, posted intermittently over several months, covering a range of topics associated with the merger
  • a blog – which appears to have been updated on a very regular basis (looks like 5 times a week, which as we know, is very intensive)
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Bowen Craggs point out the great new approach that the British Library have taken to their annual report – the inclusion of video profiles of their executive team in the corporate governance section, discussing the Library. The chairman and chief executive have separate pages, each with several more video clips on. The video profiles for the management team all come with transcripts and biographies.… Read the rest

There are 7 different kinds of recruit you need to identify and serve online, as part of your recruitment strategy.

No, I don’t mean 7 different skill-sets: obviously there are many more than that … I mean that there are 7 different life-stages that your potential recruit may be at.

Some of these won’t be relevant to your industry – perhaps you only recruit graduates and experienced professionals. However, you shouldn’t forget that any visitors … Read the rest