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You’ll have seen the adverts for the UPS widget, which is designed to help you make better use of their services, and you probably also know about the EasyJet widget for booking flights. Both these tools are designed to help the user interact with the company – as well as make more sales.

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I reviewed a bio-technology site recently which was written in language I didn’t understand.

I did study sciences until I was 18, and have a doctorate (though in ancient philosophy and science, not 21st century science), so I’m not uneducated, but I still didn’t understand it. And I wouldn’t be the only one. According to the Campbell-Ewald Health research of 2006, only 55% of Americans can understand the content on pharmaceutical sites, because the average … Read the rest

Not to sell the products or services that you deliver – though that would be great, obviously – but to sell your company to future employees.

Assuming that you’ve got the right people in the right jobs for them, and that you’re keeping them happy with interesting work and great prospects – who could possibly be better placed to sell your jobs to this year’s crop of graduates than last year’s?

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It would be difficult not to know that there has been a run on a British bank for the first time since the 1860s. Not the kind of historic record one wants to break really … I’m not going to comment on the financials, but I think this is a classic example of using your website to help manage people’s understanding of a major crisis.

I didn’t visit the site for a while (at least … Read the rest