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If your company has a strategy of acquisition – why not explain it to your potential investors?

Imperial Tobacco
not only explain who they’ve acquired, but when – and give their acquisition criteria. If I happened to have a company ripe for acquisition, I might be very interested indeed in this information, but even if I didn’t, investors are likely to want to understand this strategy.… Read the rest

Not many companies provide this kind of functionality, but it is useful, enabling companies to push information to its investors and alert them to stock movements.

Although not all investors will be interested in this kind of tool, I’m sure some would be – and perhaps also some financial journalists at key times of the year, or around company transitions.

BAT will send an SMS alert twice a day – to registered users – keeping … Read the rest

I’ve seen one! Addleshaw Goddard have a blog maintained by their CSR manager, and contributed to by one of their recruitment team who is working on a community project. Recruitment blogs are increasingly available, usually written by new recruits to explain to potential recruits what the first year or so will be like – but this is the first CSR blog I’ve noticed.

This site has a CSR quiz, to help you assess the weight … Read the rest

Naturally, the CSR reports will be available from the CSR section, just as the financial reports will be available from the IR section, but I think that the smaller services provided to the visitor in the IR section should be replicated in CSR.

Just as the investor section should have FAQs, a glossary, contacts and a calendar, I believe that the CSR section should have the same content and functionality – including the events calendar.… Read the rest

If appropriate, companies should have an insider trading policy, and this should be clearly communicated to everyone concerned. Then everybody knows what is expected.

Stora Enso provide their policy online, but also go one step further by listing those individuals who qualify as insiders – and to whom, therefore, the policy applies. I have also seen the ‘closed periods’ listed, during which these people may not trade in the company securities, but it isn’t there … Read the rest