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Proctor and Gamble have a very pleasing diagram of the evolution of their products – a variant on the usual history timeline. Since products spawn in multiple directions, it obviously isn’t as linear as a history timeline tends to be.

The small blue circles expand on rollover to explain – for example – how their knowledge of bleaching as used in detergents led to the development of dental bleaching kits. Very interesting indeed; so much … Read the rest

Do you want a truly great website, or would you be happy with a sound, competent one?

I’ve recently been doing some analysis on the various criteria that I use to evaluate corporate websites, and have grouped them into three categories.… Read the rest

Seamus McCauley points us to a delicious spoof of a corporate website at Buy n Large. Thing is, even the name sounds plausible.

The design of the home page is just right (for today’s view of an up-to-date site – the view in 2057 may be very different): curvy web 2.0 content elements, clean design, lots of white space and a bit of movement to add vibrancy.

Do check out the small print at … Read the rest

David Wilson at Social Media Optimisation points to a very interesting article in the India Times. In this article, HCL Technologies estimate that over the next two years, two thirds of their recruits will come from social media.

2/3 of recruits will come from social media

We all know that these days recruiters are quite likely to Google recruits … and that this could come up with their dodgy Facebook profile, or the inappropriate … Read the rest

People browsing an annual report want to see the financial spreadsheets and find out about the dividends paid.

Investoreports recently collated some interesting data about the popularity of different areas of the annual report, based on nearly 30,000 searches of online reports …

It turns out that the most common searches are:

  • shareholders
  • dividend
  • balance sheet/ income statement