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1 out of 2 Consumers Think Brand Facebook Pages Are More Useful Than Websites

According to a survey by Lab42, about one out of two consumers think a brand’s Facebook Page is more useful than a brand’s website. Of course, it’s imperative that brands maintain their own controlled online presence via a website as well as a Facebook Page as parts of a comprehensive, integrated marketing plan. However, for brands that aren’t completely sold on the value of a Facebook Page, the results of this study simply add to the ever-accumulating data telling us that consumers want to find brands on Facebook.

For example, the study also revealed the following statistics related to consumers’ opinions and preferences about brand Faceboook Pages:

  • 87% of people like brands on Facebook.
  • 82% of people who like brands on Facebook believe that Facebook is a good place to interact with those brands.
  • Out of the people who think Facebook is a good place to interact with brands, 35% believe that brands listen to them more on Facebook.
  • 75% of people who like brands on Facebook feel more connected to those brands.
  • 69% of people who like brands on Facebook have done so because a friend liked the brand.
  • 34% of people like brands on Facebook in order to get discounts and promotions
  • 21% of people like brands on Facebook in order to get free giveaways.
  • 14% of people like brands on Facebook because they are already loyal customers of the brand.
  • 11% of people like brands on Facebook because they trust those brands.
  • The top three ways consumers interact with brands on Facebook are: print coupons, like/comment on the brand’s page, and learn about new products (in that order).
  • 46% of people who like brands on Facebook have liked brands that they have no plans to purchase. 52% liked those brands to get a free item. 46% liked those brands because they actually like the brands but can’t afford them, and 24% liked those brands to help a friend.
  • 73% of people who like brands on Facebook have unliked brands on Facebook.
  • The top three reasons consumers unlike brands on Facebook are: the brand posted too frequently, they stopped liking the brand, and they had a bad customer experience with the brand (in that order).
  • 47% of people do not like brands because brands clutter their news feeds. 36% don’t want to be contacted by brands. 30% are concerned about their privacy, and 27% only post things relevant to their own lives.

You can see all of the data from the Lab42 study in the infographic below. Click to view it at full size.

facebook brand likes infographic

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