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We are a digital strategy agency providing benchmarking, research and consultancy services to companies requiring online corporate communications, marketing communications and reputation management solutions. Contact us

We work hard to understand the issues that matter most to your audience, and to your company, to provide customised and powerful insight that makes a difference to the way you communicate.


How does our service make a difference to your business?

Making and saving you money

  • Cost efficient strategy
  • Reduce costs
  • Drive greater investment
  • Generate more revenue

Mitigating risk and reputation damage

  • Manage issues that impact reputation
  • Measure and improve how well you support your reputation
  • Mitigate the risks of future crisis scenarios

Customised framework for improvement

  • Measure and improve online corporate comms, reputation and B2B effectiveness
  • Embedded expertise
  • Verified by target audiences
  • Ongoing research programme for best practice and beyond

Make your content work harder

  • Better content
  • Better use of existing content
  • Deliver messages more effectively
  • Tell your story better

Improve market position

We can improve your:

  • communications
  • investment case
  • reputation
  • bottom line


Why use benchmarking?

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What we do

We work with many publicly listed companies in the UK, Europe and further afield. These clients are primarily involved in improving the quality of their stakeholder communications and aligning this communication with their business objectives.

We provide a number of services to ensure that they meet or exceed best practice standards, and, crucially, that they focus on their specific industry and company challenges in order to present their true brand and the values that they represent.

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Our marketing communications clients, while often addressing traditional stakeholder communication, are also looking at those elements that can directly affect revenue through increased sales, better marketing or improved customer service. We help those clients deliver these better online.

We help support the buying process more effectively, creating goodwill, educating the visitor, and ensuring your value proposition is clear.

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We have unique insight and tools to measure and improve how you communicate reputational themes across the corporate web estate.

We measure 9 core reputational dimensions across your website. We can customise these according to your needs. We also have strategies to help mitigate reputational risks, address future concerns and manage current issues.

Our approach includes:

  • Communicating compliance and managing issues
  • Reputational risk management
  • Recommended protection measures
  • Crisis management and scenario planning
  • Forward-looking “Reputation Shield” strategies

We are part of the Blue Pedal Group’s framework of reputation solution providers.
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Driving $2.57 per visit generated to a retail site on tablets and $0.67 on smartphones, Tumblr outpaced Facebook which only drove $1.55 on tablet devices and $0.42 on smartphones. Both Twitter and Pinterest … Read the rest

About us

Corporate Eye have been supporting clients with their online communications challenges for more than five years. While our clients win awards and we are keen to continue growing, we are absolutely committed to the original ideas that we had at the inception of the business.

Our three key principles are to:

  1. treat every client as though you are our first client, always
  2. under-promise and over-deliver
  3. be honest and open at all times

If our values are aligned with yours, we think you will enjoy working with us. Find out more about us or get in touch to discuss your requirements and how Corporate Eye might be able to help you.