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The investor relations site has to work hard to convey a great deal of information to both professional and retail investors, and to financial journalists. The site has to attract new investors, and keep existing ones informed. All want the company story, and to understand the company perspective on events, but have varying informational needs. The corporate site is the natural place to look for this information, but balancing all this while complying with all regulations can be a challenge.

We have scored over 300 corporate IR sites, against criteria covering everything from and have identified best practices and stretch targets. Contact us to find out how well your site scores.


The IR Site

Not only are there a wide range of tools and techniques available for investor relations teams to use in presenting information online, there is an increasing need for an efficient and effective content strategy.

We explore current best practices for individual elements of investor relations sites, from share price to management biographies and remuneration, and look at what the next step might be in each case.

Corporate Eye helps you understand, manage, and measure the corporate website with timely information and industry-leading tools. Contact us to find out more.

Reputation Shield

Building a positive reputation by using your corporate web estate and engagement campaigns can help limit reputation damage if a crisis erupts. We analyse the online landscape, crisis factors, and strategies to show how to create a reputation shield... before it's needed.

Our benchmarking system helps you understand, manage, and measure the impact that your corporate website has on your visitors; you can compare your site with those of your peers, or with the best-in-class.

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Setting the Context

Some companies clearly explain the context in which they compete by presenting market trends, providing management's perspective on the competitive landscape, macro environment, strategic direction and other non-financial indicators. This provides valuable information and permits stakeholders to get a comprehensive view of the company's 'big picture'.


Find out where your site stands, and discover opportunities for enhancement.

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